3v3 Basketball Tournament

This Year on Saturday July 16th, 2016 - 8:00 am

Hot play on a hot day, supported by plenty of hydration aids and a steady breeze, made it possible for teams to stay strong for sizzling finishes at the APJ 3 on 3 on Saturday, July 20th. Championships in four brackets required two games to seal the deal, with the loser bracket team winning, setting the stage for a final showdown for the title. The total of 65 teams registered was equal to 2012 participation.

3v3 Tourney

3-4th Grade Boys -The finish in this bracket was very exciting as BREWSTER SONICS, from the loser’s bracket, beat SUPERSONICS, but could not win the second game to secure the title. Brewster Sonics were Adaih Najera, Mario Camacho, Eric Ramirez, and Orlando Medina, all of Brewster. The champion Supersonics included Logan McGuire of Pateros, Cade Gebbers of Brewster, Reed Stamps of Chelan, and Turk Riggan of Brewster.

3v3 Tourney

In the 5-6th Boys, the OKANOGAN BULLDOGS - Gage Wilson, Hunter Rubert, Martin Grooms, and Gavin Cohen- lost to WARRIORS- Tre Marchand of Omak, Conner Wilson of Chelan, Kolby Picard of Grand Coulee and Corey Jarrell of Brewster. Warriors came back from the losers bracket, and won both final games to prevail.

3v3 TourneyThe SUPERTROOPERS of Wenatchee - Bryce Peters, Marcus Garcia, Nathan McCarthy and Matt Springer won the 7-8th grade boys championship over ELITE HOOP EFFECTS, an East Wenatchee team of Colton Sackman, Alex Guerria, JR Alvarez, and Luke Worley.

3v3 Tourney

In the Boys High School division, it was AMBITION, over STUDDHORSES, again requiring two games. Studdhorses - Dyllan Gage, Trevor Terris and Michael Orozco of Tonasket rose from the loserís bracket, beat Ambition, but lost by two points in the second game. AMBITIONís personnel included Colton Marshall and Cody Huguenin of East Wenatchee and Kyle Johnson of Chelan.

3v3 Tourney

Menís Open saw THE EASTSIDE (Daryl Squetimkin and Jeremiah Riggle of the runner up team by the same name from 2012, and Ambrose Bessette and Roy Osbourne, Jr.) prevail over CHOICE AUTO & TRUCK - Robert St. Pierre and Matt Jane of Omak and Blake Marchand and Bud Bitonti of Okanogan.

3v3 Tourney

In the 5th-6th girls division, LADY SAVAGES, an Omak team including Joy Abrahamson, Jaedyn Brady, Shantana Pakootas and Kendra Sachse won the championship over WENATCHEE CHAOS- Madyson Peters, Mylissa Bennett, Maya Phillips, and Whitney Crawley.

3v3 Tourney

7-8th grade girls division was won by ROTTEN APPLES, a Brewster team including Marlisa Garcia, Marta Martinez, Maret Miller, and Yvette Sanchez, who won over OMAK BALLERS - Krista Marchand, CJ Hansen, Hanna Smith, and Khani Priest. Again, two games were required to decide the championship, as Omak Ballers from the loser bracket defeated Rotten Apples, setting the stage for a second game.

3v3 Tourney

M3 + A won the GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL division. M3 + A included Madeline Varrelman(Pateros), and Markie Miller, Maricela Churape and Abby Urias, all of Brewster. They defeated PATEROS GIANTS - Rhiannon Easter, Irish Easter, Ashton Steggall, and Katrina Wilson, all of Pateros. The champions in the WOMENíS division was LES SCHWAB - Esmeralda Mosqueda(Okanogan), Tara Marchand(Omak) and Rosarura Vargas and Shawnee Covington, both of Malott.

3v3 Tourney

The champions in the WOMEN’S division was LES SCHWAB - Esmeralda Mosqueda (Okanogan), Tara Marchand (Omak) and Rosarura Vargas and Shawnee
Covington, both of Malott.


Shooting Contest:

Free Throw and Three Point - Lane Larson of Wenatchee - 3rd consecutive year

High School:
Free Throw and Three Point - Dante Weigel of East Wenatchee

Free Throw - A.J. Woodward of Brewster
Three Point - Asher Lozano of Bridgeport

Ray Stanley Memorial Bass Tournament Winners


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